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Funeral ceremonies

A funeral is an important part of the grieving process for many people. It gives family and friends an opportunity to come together in one place to celebrate the life of their loved one and to give testimony to them.

No two ceremonies are the same. The choices you make will reflect the wishes of your loved one and their own unique personality and we will work to honour your ideas. Whether you are drawn to the traditional church ceremony or have a completely different idea in mind, we can help.

Religious or non-religious ceremonies

We provide funeral services for people of all religions and none. Whether you are interested in a traditional faith ceremony, a humanist funeral or civil service, we will help to bring together the right service for your loved one.

Religious ceremony

We have links with all of the local churches and clergy, as well as other religious leaders in the area, and we’ll work with the minister of religion to help organise the ceremony. We can help you make decisions regarding hymns and readings and help you to prepare the eulogy. The service will usually take place at the church or other religious building but it can also take place at the cemetery or crematorium if you prefer.

Non-religious ceremony

We also arrange civil and humanist ceremonies for families who prefer a non-religious funeral. These ceremonies can be led by a registered celebrant or even a friend or family member. Again, the funeral can be held at a cemetery, natural burial ground, crematorium or other location of your choosing.

We’ll take the time to help you choose music, readings and to add the personal touches that make the funeral special and unique.


There are several options available if you wish to choose a burial for your loved one. There are many beautiful cemeteries in and around the local area. We’ll help you to choose the coffins and arrange for experienced pall-bearers to be present should you need them.

Green or woodland burials

We also offer the option for green or woodland burials. These are designated areas, such as flower meadows and woods that are set aside as permanent burial sites. Many offer the option to have small wooden markers and allow for mourners to leave flowers. We are experienced in offering green funerals and can guide you through the additional regulations involved in choosing this option. Many sites also offer the interment or scattering of ashes.

We offer green funerals at many local sites, including the following:


We can arrange for ceremonies to take place at many crematoriums, either locally or further afield, and in combination with services held in a religious setting if required.

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