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Coffins and caskets

Choosing the right coffin or casket is often an important decision for families. We have a  variety of options to choose from to suit every budget and every service, whether you are considering a burial or cremation for your loved one. The images on the site are just a small selection of the options that we have available.

We hand-finish every coffin here in our workshop, adding the individual touches that make it personal. If you want a more bespoke, hand-made casket, ask us for more details. We will be happy to work with you to provide whatever materials and designs you need.

Veneer coffins

Our veneer coffins are suitable for cremations and burials and provide a stylish alternative to the more expensive solid wood coffins. Each coffin can be customised to suit your needs with a range of handles and moulding styles and they are available in a number of colour finishes.

Chiltern Oak

Made with beautiful, rich oak veneer. Shown here with single mouldings and Fleur handles and bell tops.

Chiltern Oak, dark stain

This coffin is made with a darker oak veneer and is shown here with single moulding and number 12 ring handles and bell tops.

Chiltern Oak, dark stain
Brinkley Oak

The Brinkley Oak has a paler finish and is shown here with routed panels, a raised lid, double mouldings and is fitted with Oscar bar handles, T-ends and wreath holders.

Brinkey Oak Coffin

Solid-panelled coffins

This range is built using solid wood of the highest quality. Choose from oak, walnut or pine in a variety of designs and finishes.

Windsor Oak

Made with high-quality solid oak. Shown here with triple mouldings, 305 solid brass handles and wreath holders.

Windsor Oak Coffin
Windsor Walnut

Made with solid walnut for a deeper colour and texture. Shown here fitted with Oscar bar handles and wreath holders.

Windsor Walnut Coffin
Cavendish Oak

Made with a light solid oak. Shown here with routed panels, a raised and hinged lid, double moulding trim and fitted with number 3 bar handles, T-ends and wooden buttons.

Cavendish Oak Coffin
Cambridge Oak

Built using high-quality, pale oak. Shown here with raised panels and a raised lid and trimmed with triple mouldings. The fittings including in this image are number 3 bar handles, T-ends and wreath holders.

Cambridge Oak Coffin

Built with Scandinavian redwood pine. Shown here trimmed with single mouldings and fitted with rope handles.

Pine Rope Coffin

Natural woven coffins

This range is made from natural materials, sustainably-sourced, including cotton, banana leaf, willow and bamboo. They are fully compliant with the guidelines

Organic Wharfdale Cotton

Hand-woven in Yorkshire from certified-organic cotton on a strong cardboard frame, with a thick cotton lining. This coffin meets the Global Organic Textile Standard and is a sustainable and ethical choice.

Organic Wharfdale Cotton

With the appearance of a wicker casket, this coffin is made with thin strips of dried bamboo and comes in a curved or square shape. The caskets come complete with natural linings, fittings and handles.

Bamboo Coffin
Banana Leaf

Banana Leaves are dried and cut into strips before being hand-woven into a soft, yet strong, casket. This natural, renewable casket is available in both a traditional square and a curved design.

Banana Leaf Coffin
Woven Willow

Woven with thin strips of willow, this wicker casket is available in a variety of colours and with a selection of hemp and wicker handles.

Woven Willow Coffin

Need some more information?

Simply give us a call or arrange to come into the office. We’ll talk you through all of the options available and give you more details to help you make your decision.

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