Absolutely. We can supply a team of four or six to carry the coffin but we can replace some or all of the team with family and friends, according to your wishes. We always have a team ready to step in to fill places if anyone changes their mind on the day.

Today, funerals do not have to be a formal occasion. The funeral should reflect your loved one’s wishes and their personality and this should extend to the dress code too. If you want guests to wear colours or follow a different dress code we can help you to include this in the announcements.

The flowers belong to you and so you can choose what you would like to do with them after the funeral. If there is a burial then many people choose to leave the flowers on the grave. Following a crematorium service, flowers are usually left on display for a few days, but you are free to take them with you to lay at a family burial site.

We can arrange the collection for you and we supply an online service as part of the obituary so that friends and families can make donations online. We can help you to choose a charity that reflects your loved one’s passions and include information as part of the announcement.

Once the death is registered the funeral can take place within a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the availability of the venues for the services. We’ll work with you to choose a date and to make sure that announcements are sent out in time for the service.

Funerals usually take place on weekdays or on a Saturday, although some elements of the funeral make incur additional charges on Saturdays.

In the UK, the rules are fairly relaxed about where you can scatter ashes. Scattering on public land or at sea usually carries no particular rules, but there may be some additional things to consider if scattering ashes on inland rivers or lakes. You can scatter ashes on private land as long as you have the landowner’s permission, although it is not possible to spread ashes on family graves in cemeteries.

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